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Byron Williamson Team

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Byron Williamson


Byron Williamson is a seasoned sales professional with a passion for Atlanta real estate. His background in building and construction and his sales expertise makes Byron an invaluable resource for his clients. Byron uses his extensive knowledge of the entire development process to help his clients navigate the often challenging process of buying a newly-constructed home. Byron has been a resident of Atlanta for over 40 years, born and raised here. He loves working with new buyers or transfers, teaching them all about the city and helping them find the perfect area to call “home.”

“This is the most important financial decision in somebody’s life,” Byron says. “With that in mind, I try to be available for anything my client may need, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, not only before and during the buying or selling process but also after the house has closed. Not all of the questions are answered at the closing table so I consider my clients as clients for life, not just during the transaction.”

Emilie Williamson


Emilie Williamson is an award-winning creative and strategic seller. For the past 18 years, she has focused on honing her abilities to understand the needs of her clients and cultivating the right strategies to close any deal.

Beginning in 2011, Emilie started focusing her talents on the real estate industry by gaining sales insights and experience within the multifamily and senior living sectors, as well as working for Realtor.com; she has also been working with Byron on the weekends and is excited to begin her full-time journey in residential real estate.

Emilie and her family have lived and played in the Brookhaven area since 2002 and she has loved seeing the area develop. On any given day, you can find her, Byron and their son at one of the locally owned restaurants, shops or establishments in the area or nearby in Chamblee.

Sage Ellison


As a rare Georgia native, Sage has intimate knowledge of the area and a strong desire to make her home, your home. As a Realtor, her first priority is making clients happy. She has a background in psychology which helps her to listen to her clients wants and needs to achieve the best outcome in every transaction. She understands how complex and deeply personal buying a home can be so she’s here to help you make the best move for your future! This unique perspective on the process combined with a strong sense of responsibility to her clients truly drives Sage to be an expert on the job. Her clients can count on her any time of day when the have questions or concerns.